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You are getting married
and you are planning to be wed in the Keys.

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Now your planning begins.

You will need to plan the important details:

  • WHY? - You know why you are getting married - now you want to create a ceremony that reflects those deep reasons, one full of memories for a lifetime.

  • WHERE? - where in the Keys do you want the ceremony to be?
    • public beach, private beach, boat, park, hotel, religious building? - you will need to find a place that will suit your dreams and your budget
    • Our other resources page has links to wedding planners who can help you will site selection.
      Keys Wedding Clergy will help plan all the details of the ceremony itself, but we do not provide other planning services -- sites, catering, hair and clothing, etc.

  • WHEN? - when will the ceremony be?
    • if you are planning years in advance, almost any date and time will be possible. As you get closer to the date, your options will grow more limited.
    • Research issues such as especially busy times in the Keys (e.g., Fantasy Fest), sunrise and sunset times, etc.

  • WHAT? - what kind of ceremony are you envisioning?

  • WHO? - who will participate in the ceremony and who will be invited to attend?
    • You have many options for officiants and how many people will be attending can make a difference to the kind of ceremony you plan.
    • Once you have a date and time in mind, you should immediately confirm the person who will officiate - otherwise you may not be able to have the ceremony of your dreams!
    • Be Aware - Wedding Planners in the Keys are excellent at all details of logistics, but they cannot guarantee qualified Clergy will be available for your ceremony. You can trust them with the event planning, but if you want a religious or spiritual ceremony, you should make the ceremony arrangements yourself. Keys Wedding Clergy is one resource to use.

      Mail order ministers and other wedding officiants may represent themselves as qualified and/or religious, but only clergy with officially stated connection to congregations in the lower Keys can be relied upon to provide the right ceremony if you desire a religious or spiritual wedding.

NEXT If you have decided you want a specially crafted ceremony (created to match your own religious, spiritual, or non-religious sentiments) officiated by Rev Randy (The Rev. Dr. Randolph W.B. Becker) of Keys Wedding Clergy:
  • email:
  • write: The Rev. Dr. Randolph WB Becker - 818 Thomas Street - Key West, FL 33040-7337
  • phone: +1 (305) 407.7956
  • text message: 3054077956

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