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View of the Key West sunset taken by Rev Randy
on his Anniversary Cruise with his wife Elissa Bishop-Becker
June 21, 2008

KEYS WEDDING CLERGY is a professional ceremony-focused group that seeks to provide those who wish to be married in the Conch Republic with spiritual, religious, and non-religious ceremonies with something more than a standardized civil ceremony.

Clergy work with wedding planners, photographers, videographers, and more to transform wedding dreams into lasting memories. This allows wedding couples to select the services they wish from those they relate to, and not have to buy into complete service contracts that may leave them with officiants who just "read a script."

The clergy who provide these services are independent professionals. We are all committed to an inclusive view of humanity, echoing the official Key West and Conch Republic philosophy of "One Human Family." This means we do not look to find reasons to disqualify people who seek marriage, but rather we seek to celebrate those who have found love and connection. We believe in a natural law of love which transcends the laws of any state or any religion.

One of the great questions asked of us is "Do you do 'mixed marriages'?" We have never officiated at anything other than a mixed marriage. Marriage is that delicate dance of love by which two different people find a common future. There is always differences between the two parties to a marriage. But we believe passionately that we can all make it if we focus on connections, not differeneces.

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